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Affiliate marketing: the guesswork of advertising abolished - Charlotte Pizer, The Performance Marketing Network

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Affiliate marketing: the guesswork of advertising abolished - Charlotte Pizer, The Performance Marketing Network

As a nation, UK consumers are indefinitely infatuated with their smart phones and mobile devices; this is becoming ever more evident with the increasingly widespread mobile internet and 3 and 4G availability. This is reasoned to have been a notably contributing factor to the nation’s e-commerce resonating well above the regional average. As identified by business and consumer trend tracker: Passport, these online and mobile trends ensure that in regards to business conduct, consumers are targetable and reachable for over 80% of the day. With this in mind it is no doubt that online performance (OPM) and affiliate marketing are seen to be “no-brainer” tactics to be employed.

OPM and affiliate marketing remain two of the most successful methods of implementing specifically consumer segmented targeting, ensuring a significant increase of effective lead generation. However, despite their nature of offering successful marketing tools, OPM and affiliate marketing constitute a “Hidden Economy” compared to other channels. A recent study undertaken by the Internet Advertising Bureau’s and PwC identify the true prosperity of employing OMP and affiliate marketing tools; it was recognised that these forms of digital marketing maintain significant ROI’s (return on investment) with every £1 of sales of online performance marketing equating to £11 of revenue.

With these exciting revelations it is shocking that only an estimated 3000-4000 advertisers are actively investing into these channels, and even more astonishingly OPM currently accounts for a mere 7-9% of the entire of the UK’s digital marketing spend. Yet OPM offers some of the most engaging and incentivised concepts to draw consumers in; particularly within this digital age where, as previously identified UK consumers remain perpetually interested within mobile devices applications. Despite this steady growth within the market’s; deliverance of OPM and affiliate marketing, these companies already employing these notions are thought to be onto a winner.

The new affiliate network on the block, The Performance Marketing Network (TPMN), will be at stand 460 in the main exhibitors hall at ad:tech London on the 21-22nd October. Raring to meet existing and potential advertisers and publishers, TPMN will be available for scheduled meetings, along with a vast array of fun and innovative entertainment, including a Rubik’s cube challenge, giveaways and the attendance of a surprise special guest - an opportunity you will definitely want to capture on camera. 

TPMN is a global forum specialising in performance based marketing, lead generation and customer acquisition; enabling advertisers to be directly connected to customers through the prevailing medium of internet and the company’s distinct mix of affiliate marketers, publishers and agencies.



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