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Rebecca Garrett Media launches "Winning Moments"

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Rebecca Garrett Media launches "Winning Moments"

Rebecca Garrett Media is extending their consumer reach with the launch of their forward 
facing online magazine; Winning ★ Moments

The content of the magazine will be consumer led and will feature everyday feel good stories 
from the readers, as well as features on our competition winners, and positive, feel good news 
RGM is collaborating on the project with “Optimus”, one of the UK’s leading affiliate companies, 
who will bring their unique mix of unbeatable offers to the daily pages of Winning Moments.

Rebecca Garrett, C.E.O of RGM and founder of Winning Moments is excited about the 
extended reach and opportunity the launch will bring to brands who want to engage with a 
wider demographic of consumers. “We already had a database of over 300,000 consumers 
who were engaged with us through our competitions. The magazine is a more dynamic way of 
talking to these people on a regular basis, and continuing the conversation with them by giving 
them great offers and the chance to win great prizes.“

Winning Moments also has a very strong social media presence. This gives brands the 
opportunity to communicate fresh ideas on a daily basis, engage with new followers daily 
and to grow the social media presence of their own sites through interaction with Winning 
Moments. Regular features such as Freebie Fridays and Winning Wednesdays all help brand 
awareness enormously.

The launch of the online magazine gives brands an unrivalled opportunity to take advantage of 
a very effective and engaged new, previously untapped audience.

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