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Turning UGC hashtag campaign into commerce - by Dan Kimball, CMO at Thismoment

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Turning UGC hashtag campaign into commerce - by Dan Kimball, CMO at Thismoment


Is user-generated content (UGC) just a trend? Are marketers piling on the UGC hashtag bandwagon because it has the “cool factor”? And if so, does that mean that at some point the next shiny object will simply replace it? Certainly, it means there is a growing perceived value. But, how does that translate into enterprise return on investment (ROI)?

UGC, It’s More Than a Phase

UGC is a very powerful tool to incorporate authentic user-voice elements into your marketing and brand storytelling initiatives. With 59% of Millennials nowadays trust UGC more than the brand-produced content, this type of brand advocacy should not be overlooked. Here’s the tricky part, while some of these efforts yield great value for brands looking to create fun, engaging and unique campaigns as well, other times the ROI opportunity is missed.

Finding ROI in UGC

No doubt brands will continue to want to leverage UGC hashtags in their brand marketing campaigns. It helps to tell the story they want in a more fun, engaging and overall authentic manner. But, without proof that UGC is actually producing sustained value, it will soon enter a phase where UGC ROI is questioned. And rightly so.

A few companies indeed are considering the direct ROI of their UGC campaigns. They’re using UGC, which is traditionally considered to provide only ephemeral value, as a more “green field” and essential part of their marketing and merchandising strategy. For example is Sephora:

Sephora’s Beauty Board leverages the power of UGC to create a whole new merchandising opportunity for the company, and a totally unique shopping experience for customers. Because the UGC is tagged with product information through a seamless connection with Sephora’s Ecommerce systems, product sales can be directly attributed to individual pieces of UGC. Now, that’s direct ROI.

What started out as mostly experimental and loosely defined enterprise value, UGC is now proving to be much more than a fad. But, like any other marketing channel, technology platform or tactic, if not applied strategically – with specific KPIs in mind – it can very well be a wasted effort. If treated as a strategic tool with more evergreen applications and enterprise benefits, UGC could very well be one of the most important arrows in your quiver.

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About Thismoment:

Thismoment is a marketing technology company that enables the world’s biggest companies to connect with their target audiences in real time on any device. Through Thismoment Content Cloud, our digital storytelling platform, we enable effortless content curation, digital experience creation and sharing, and seamless enterprise technology integrations. More than 150 top brands and agencies use Thismoment, including Coca-Cola, Intuit, Levi’s, Sephora, Fleishman Hillard and Digitas. For more information, visit



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