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How Semantic Intelligence can help your bottom line!

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How Semantic Intelligence can help your bottom line!

Affective Logic are excited to announce the official launch of their dynamic marketing and media management system, Affect, at the 10th ad:tech London.

This unique system has been designed with you in mind; using Semantic Intelligence to enable a way of working like never before. One that helps you to manage everything from planning to collaboration and even creation of assets and workflows.

Affect’s mantra? Do How You Think - because well, it does exactly that.

The word ‘Semantics’ is a hot topic on everyone’s mind and Affect is bringing a game changer to the stage. The system is designed in such a way, that Semantic Intelligence plays a vital role in understanding how you think, to ensure your day-to-day work is as efficient, intuitive and easy as it can be.

It’s an innovation crafted by a team who were inspired to find a way to make technology that understands you instead of the other way round.

Implementation of Affect for one of their clients confirmed that this system was unlike anything they’d ever seen. A positive sign for the company looking to approach things in a different way.

The team at Affective Logic have been driven by an obsession with creative thinking and problem solving, and ultimately this lead to the creation of Affect. It’s not just for one group of people; whether you’re a Creative, Manager, Supplier, Planner, Producer and beyond – Affect fits your individual working style. This facilitates coordination between team members and allows adaptability and a more intuitive and flexible way of working on any given project.

The product’s capabilities have allowed a major global client of Affective Logic to save over $2million, and another one in generating over $20million in new business!

A system that’s definitely worth an introduction. Visit them at stand 375 to meet the team and find out how Affect could work for you.

Affect ‘Do How You Think’.



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