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New Statesman adopts Respond’s customisable native ad formats to enhance ad effectiveness and user experience

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New Statesman adopts Respond’s customisable native ad formats to enhance ad effectiveness and user experience

New Statesman Respond Native Ad Placements CiscoProgressive Media International’s flagship title, New Statesman, is implementing a new non-interruptive and in-content alternative to standard ad formats across its website, The formats from ad platform Respond integrate advertisements natively into digital content without compromising consumers’ content experience. 
Respond’s native ads are customisable; enabling Progressive Media International’s own team to modify the ads to adapt to the core design elements of, including the images, typeface, colour, size and line spacing. Developed on responsive design principles, the Respond ads render perfectly on mobiles, tablets and desktops, automatically adjusting to the space available on consumers’ screens. This offers brands both consistency and safety, while presenting consumers with a non-interruptive browsing experience.
By displaying in a style that’s consistent with the form and function of consumers are drawn into Respond ads which sit seamlessly within targeted editorial content that the user is focused upon. From the units, Progressive Media International can enable advertisers to launch immersive full screen overlays of their choice – whether a web page, a product microsite, an online video, a game or a form to capture consumer data – once a consumer chooses to click on a Respond format. The ads are entirely user-initiated, drawing consumers in to engage with the format willingly, rather than visually assaulting them with interruptive ads.
Respond’s ad platform is based on semantic analysis, using proprietary algorithms to process the language content of web pages and then associating relevant adverts to the editorial. In-built sensitivity controls suppress ads from displaying within certain types of content which would make the ad placements look incongruous or inappropriate. The combination of these functions enables Progressive Media International  to offer advertisers unique, native, targeted ad campaigns that complement – and simultaneously benefit from – the New Statesman brand and editorial.
Brad Chuck, Commercial Digital Director of Progressive Media International, said, “Respond empowers Progressive Media International’s ad teams to create custom ad units for our direct advertisers on At times, ad formats and creative supplied by ad networks conflict with the design of publishers’ sites, so brands’ ads look and feel intrusive and dissonant. As Progressive Media International’s ad operations department can easily modify Respond’s ad units to create tailored yet native ad placements which follow the form and function of’s design, the ad units attract consumers into engaging with brands rather than pushing advertising into consumers’ faces. This means brands can achieve impact without being overbearing.”
Co-Founder and CMO of Respond, Guy Cookson said,“Throughout its 100 year history, the New Statesman has generated exceptional editorial and it is vital that ad formats do not interfere with this reputation – not least because their content and audience is so valuable to advertisers. It makes so much sense for brands to develop a direct relationship with premium publishers like which attract consumers in a particular mind set when they’re engaging with unique quality content. The customisable quality of Respond ads means Progressive Media International can provide unique ad formats which correspond with the brand, add value to direct relationships with advertisers, and provide a straightforward means of differentiation in a sector dominated by standard ad formats.”


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